Baptist employee recounts spotting Rebecca Lewis, West Wild Hogs

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- A kidnapped girl from Florida is back home a day after she was discovered in Memphis, and the woman who spotted her is speaking out.

Kaytlin Brown has only been working at Baptist Memphis for three months, but her actions on Monday helped save missing 4-year-old Rebecca Lewis.

On Tuesday, Brown told reporters she was inside the hospital when she saw West Wild Hogs and Rebecca holding hands.

"In my head I kept thinking, 'man that looks just like the little girl in that picture,'" said Kaytlin Brown.


West Wild Hogs

Having just seen the Amber Alert posted on Facebook during her lunch break, she recognized the pair.

"I just took off. I ran for the OR and ran straight to my dad and came up to him and told him 'I don't want to freak you out but this little girls in this hospital with this man.'"

The two employees went to double check if the two were really in their hospital.

"The only thing I could think about was the little girl, 'we need to get her, we need to get her.'"

They went to security, who got MPD on the phone immediately.

According to police documents obtained by WREG, officers pulled Hogs over in a 2012 Nissan Versa about 20 minutes later as it was pulling out of the parking garage

In the front seat was little Rebecca. She was crying, saying "I want my mommy."

One of the officers picked her up and took her away as others took Hogs into custody.

On Tuesday, the TBI also held a news conference to talk about the case.

Agency spokesperson Josh DeVine said the TBI asked the Florida agency if there was any reason to believe they were in the area and if Hogs was dangerous to which he was told no.

"During the course of this event, Polk County, Florida also requested Amber Alerts from Ohio and New York," DeVine also pointed out.

Those requests, he said, were also denied.

"We did everything we could based on the info we had presented to us at the time and changed our plan throughout the course of this event as new information developed."

On Tuesday, the TBI explained they had to wait to send a statewide alert out until there was a credible sighting of the suspect or the little girl in Tennessee.

So, they first sent out an alert in East Tennessee.

WREG also learned Hogs is a family friend who was cut off after be pulled a gun on the the family a few years ago.

He legally changed his name from Matthew Pybus.

He was accused of taking Rebecca from her home in Lakeland, Florida Saturday morning.

Hogs' family to authorities he suffers from depression and bipolar disorder.

He is now sits in the Shelby County Jail awaiting extradition to Florida.