Children hurt after woman drove into large crowd of people

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- Dramatic video posted live on Facebook showed the moments that let up to babies being taken to the hospital.

"When the girl hit them, she just kept going," Ketta Franklin said.

One-year-old Markel Franklin and 1-year-old Rekevia Stephens were in the crowd on Marble Avenue Saturday night when police said a female driver slammed into them.

Markel has injuries to his liver and spleen, but family members said the baby girl's condition is the worst.

"Stitches -- stitched up from a cracked skull, fractures in the forehead. She's stitched up in the forehead," Franklin told WREG.

Rekevia also has a broken hip, is in a body cast and has cuts and scrapes all over the right side of her body.

"Rekevia -- they probably going to keep her a little longer because she's worser than anybody," Franklin explained.

Markel's mom, Ketta, said the incident stemmed from a fight between children, but things spiraled out of control when adults joined the altercation.

"They jumped out with sticks, knives, machetes, bats -- everything."

An 11-year-old girl and pregnant woman were also hurt in the attack.

Both of them were released from the hospital.

"An innocent baby that didn't have nothing to do with what they had going. She could have killed her," Clarissa Young said.

The families of the two youngest victims are banding together and hoping their children will be fine.

"I just want them to be well and come home," Franklin said.

The driver drove away after slamming into the crowd of people.

At last check, police have not made any arrests in this case.