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Chick-fil-A most polite drive-thru chain, study shows

It’s not just Chick-fil-A’s food that puts a smile on customers’ faces — it’s also the employees themselves.

A QSR study on drive-thru chains showed Chick-fil-A at the top in three of five measured service attributes: said “please,” smiled and said “thank you.”

Employees said “please” 61.8 percent of the time, smiled 90.9 percent of the time and said “thank you” 95.2 percent of the time.

The chicken chain was fourth in making eye contact, at 87.9 percent, and second in pleasant demeanor, at 93.9 percent.

In no instances did Chick-fil-A exhibit none of the above attributes, which put them tied at the top with Panera Bread, PDQ and Taco Cabana.