Westwood residents say nearby school traffic raises safety concerns

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- School-zone traffic jams are causing major safety concerns in the Westwood community.]

Some residents living near Freedom Preparatory Academy are concerned current school-release practices aren't safe for students.

The school admits its current process does leave Jonetta Street pretty packed but believes as long as parents fall in line with the procedures, no one should get hurt.

Clarice Warren says she’s witnessed dangerous things just standing in her front yard.

"You’ve got parents in the middle of the street with doors open," recalls Warren.

"I just would like to see the kids get home safely without getting run over."

For Warren, who lives across the street from the school, it’s also about being mobile and having the visibility she needs to safely get out of her own driveway.

The school says for them safety is key and they’ll do their best to make sure those living nearby become more comfortable with its end-of-school plans.

The school says it knows it can get hectic out there during school hours. Prior to WREG contacting them, school officials were not aware their community neighbors had a problem with their current way of doing things, but now they will be listening to those concerns.

There are crossing guards present at the school to assist with release.