Shelby County deputies looking to ID Shelby Farms car thieves

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- Shelby County deputies told WREG five suspects tried to use stolen debit cards at stores across Memphis.

Deputies want the accused thieves identified and arrested.

Deputies said the suspects took the cards from cars parked at Shelby Farms Park.

"We just brought our things with us so it would not even be a temptation for anybody," said Allie Penny.

However, not everyone is thinking like Penny,

On Friday afternoon we found plenty of cars with windows open and tops down at Shelby Farms Park.

Penny also knows this isn't the first rash of car burglaries at the popular park.

"We were here last year, and we remember seeing someone have a break-in, and since then I've never left anything in the car," added Penny.

Mary Halloran didn't know about the crimes but plans on being extra vigilant now.

"I did not want to leave anything or let anyone see me put anything away or try to stash anything in the front seat or anything like that."

She said even after the suspects are caught she'll keep her outlook on being safe rather than sorry.