5-year-old finds hope after being brutally beaten

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- A 5-year-old child was beaten into near blindness. Now, a school steps in to give him some hope.

Taishaun Bolden was brutally beaten back in April.

Police said his mother's boyfriend, Jeremy Petties, was responsible.

He is charged with aggravated child abuse and is awaiting trial.

Petties told police he and the child were in a car wreck, but doctors later revealed the child's injuries weren't consistent with a crash.

"He got beat to the head, choked, brain damage, he's blind in the right eye, and he had two strokes to the brain," said family friend Lorayne Thoma, who is now taking care of the boy.

Thomas said she stepped in after hearing Taishaun was beat with a battery cord at his home in Whitehaven.

Police said the boy was hit in the face, arms, legs, back and chest and suffered internal bleeding in his head.

"Doctors appointments, everywhere we go, I have to carry him," said Thomas.

Now, the little boy is out of the hospital, and his newest challenge is starting school.

"He tries to walk, but he shakes on the side. He had two strokes," she said.

"I cried, and I'm still crying, because I can't believe someone would hurt a child like that," said Westhaven Elementary PTO President Bridget Bradley.

She said she heard about Taishaun's story at Thursday night's meeting and had to help.

Friday, the PTO got a wheelchair donated, so he can get around school at ease.

"All we want him to do is come to Westhaven, and we're gonna take very good care of him," said Bradley.

If you'd like to help Taishaun out, email the PTO at bridgetbradley6547@gmail.com.