Mother wants justice after son with a serious medical condition was bullied

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SENATOBIA, Miss.--A Tate County mother wants justice after she said her son with a serious medical condition was bullied. She said his younger brother stood up for him and was beat up. Thursday afternoon Senatobia Police arrested 18-year-old, D'Angelo Malone for simple assault.

However, according to officers another suspect, a juvenile is still on the run.

Two other juveniles have already been charged. The victim's mother told WREG she won't rest until everyone is held accountable.

"I do want justice. I really do," said Annie Carter.

Mother, Annie Carter and her sister Mary Carter say they're speaking out because they're tired of bullying in the neighborhood.

"There are so many kids that live here in the neighborhood we just want justice," said Mary.

Police say 16-year-old, Davonte Mosley's face is bruised and battered after several teenagers and 18-year-old D'Angelo Malone attacked him Monday night.

Annie said her son's, Davonte and his older brother who is 17, were playing basketball when the group began bullying Davonte's brother.

"My oldest boy but he had epilepsy and my son told him no. I'm not letting you fight my oldest brother cause he's sick. If ya'll fight him you could hurt him or kill him," she said.

Annie thinks the suspects could be involved with gangs. Senatobia police said as of now they have no information the fight was Gang related. Annie said shes proud of her son for stepping in but wants the suspects to be held accountable.

"Of kids like 5/6 years old see this goin on they pickin it up they think they can do it too and that they can go around bullying."