Police finished digging near Carpenter Street, no evidence found

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. --Memphis Police were digging behind a home on Carpenter Street. Investigators say that search has ended no evidence was found.

Police are in the 300 block of Carpenter.

We have seen a backhoe and dump truck.

We are told they are digging in an area with fresh concrete.

The department department is still looking for 29-year-old Keila Freeman who was last seen September 5.

Authorities said the circumstances, in this case, were suspicious.

During the investigation, the victim’s husband, Randall Freeman, was arrested in a separate case.

He was accused of trying to torch a house on Germanshire Lane the day before his wife disappeared.

Friends of Keila Freeman are at the scene.

"Dogs were out yesterday, officers had it taped off, and they were out sniffing over in the neighborhood yesterday evening," said Teresa Jones who lives near the area where investigators were digging for hours.

On Thursday investigators brought out excavators, dump trucks, and could even be seen using a body detecting device canvassing a cement slab.

The sight happens to be a concrete slab police say that slab was poured by Keila's husband Randy Freeman. WREG News Channel 3 is told the concrete was laid for a housing project he was working on around the time his wife disappeared.

"If he’s involved it would be a shock to me because he never seemed like someone who would do something of that nature," said a man who knew Randy Freeman, but didn't want to share his identity with WREG says Randy Freeman spent a lot of time in the Binghampton area where investigators searched for hours heavily.

"It’s pretty devastating the scene, they are definitely digging for something," said Bucky Shelly.

The family recently raised the reward for Keila's safe return to $15,000 but still no sign of the mother of two since her September disappearance.