Fall Break has many Mid-South families headed to Disney World, as Hurricane Matthew approaches

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GERMANTOWN, Tenn. -- The Midha family is supposed to be packing to hop a flight to Orlando to bring their girls to Disney. Hurricane Matthew’s projected landfall just off Florida’s central coast has them rethinking their plans.

"It’s really late in the year. I thought October would be great weather," said Michelle Midha.

The monster storm coming late in hurricane season may hit  just an hour east of Orlando. Airlines are cancelling flights and Disney world is making preparations to brace for a monster storm, the first mega storm to threaten the park in many years.

It's happening just as fall break hits and thousands of Mid-South families spend small fortunes to head that way.

"I had an app going with the rides going each day and what park we’ll be in each day," said Midha. "I am worried about it. "

She's not the only one worried.

Holly Barker runs Minnie Miles Travel, a Germantown travel agency specializing in Disney World and Disney Cruises.

She’s been on the phone all day helping clients regroup.

Disney is offering free cancellations, but there are still dinners with Mickey, and Princess Elsa, reservations you have to make several months in advance, so it's not like you can just reschedule next week.

There's one other issue.

"Telling your child who may be extremely excited about seeing Mickey, or going on a ship that you may not be going right now," said Barker.

Other agencies say they’ve seen an increase in families looking for a plan B, wanting to know  where can they go instead of Orlando, as Matthew may hit Friday, make a U-turn and hit Orlando again next week.

"You can take the airline to Dallas, drive to St. Louis, there’s a lot within a close drive to the Mid-South and we don’t explore it enough," said Mickie Rooker of Travel Leaders.

As for the kids, the Midha girls took it pretty well.

"I don’t think I want to go in a hurricane!"

Airlines are cancelling flights to Orlando. Keep in touch with them if you have a flight booked.