Memphis releases response times for garbage, recycling services

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- Trash and recycling pickup should be a regular routine done at your house, but the city of Memphis doesn’t always get it done on time.

In fact, starting up garbage service in Memphis takes over twice as long as it should, according to the city.

“It’s important because if they don’t pick up that day, they’ll probably pick it up the next day, but it’s really important for them to do their job," said Victor Salazar, who lives in Memphis.

Salazar said he has no complaints with his own trash pickup.

"They’re pretty consistent with it," he said.

The city of Memphis released exactly how consistent they are with data for "speed of resolving service requests" for August.

The data shows on average, it takes twice as long as it should to pick up trash, and they’re on time 70 percent of the time in doing so.

“That’s about right," said Natalie Prater, who lives in Memphis.

Although Natalie has no issues with her garbage pickup, she says her recycling is a different story at her house near Summer and Perkins.

"They don’t show up," she said. "When they show up, it’s usually left in the middle of my driveway or in the street.”

She says the city’s gotten better after numerous complaints.

On average, the city reports being on time two out of three times.

And says it takes nearly an extra five days than it should to get people’s recycling.

“I don’t want to point my fingers at anybody, I just want people to do their job," said Prater.

These pickup times are just now being released with a note from the mayor, saying the public deserves to know how the government’s providing services.

“It’s good for them to let the people know of the city of Memphis that the job they’re doing is good and they’re on time most of the time and so far, there’s no complaints about it," said Salazar.

When it comes to replacing or fixing a broken bin, the city isn’t as quick as it aims to be.

They report being on time less than half the time, and taking an extra five days than they should to get the job done.