2 homes shut down as nuisances after Multi-Agency Gang Unit finds extensive criminal activity

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Two homes in a South Memphis neighborhood were shut down and declared public nuisances Wednesday.

District Attorney Amy Weirich said they were "hot beds" for criminal activity.

The Multi-Agency Gang Unit investigated the homes at 1033 and 1037 Seattle Street, owned by relatives Lester Hudson and Elnora Hill.

Memphis Police Director Michael Rallings said the Multi-Agency Gang Unit launched the investigation after receiving an anonymous tip.

"These two locations: 122 calls since April ranging from shots being fired, drugs being sold, wanted parties," said Rallings.

Criminal activity includes dice games, aggravated assaults, narcotics trafficking and discharging weapons, according to investigators.

Weirich said people would get all sorts of drugs and guns at the homes, which are just around the corner from two daycare centers and Rozelle Elementary School.

"You name a drug, you were able to get it here," said Weirich.

This week, Environment Court Judge Larry Potter granted the nuisance petition that closed the homes down.

The doors and windows are now boarded up.

"This will help citizens take back their neighborhoods," Rallings said.

Luciana Hill said she co-owns the homes and has been trying to renovate them for the past couple years.

She denies any criminal activity happening inside.

"I'm trying to find out what's going on. I don't know what's going on," said Hill. "They constantly are removing the no trespassing signs. We own more than these two properties. I just cannot sit and babysit these two properties."

She plans to fight it in court Monday, October 10.

Police arrested the following people in the case:

  • Kevin Wilson, 21, charged with possession of marijuana with intent to manufacture/deliver/sell
  • Mark Hudson, 30, charged with possession of marijuana
  • Markavious Davis, 27, charged with driving while license suspended/revoked/canceled, evading arrest and resisting official detention
  • Melvin Brooks, 21, a documented gang member, charged with theft of property $500 or less and unlawful carrying or possession of a handgun
  • Roosevelt Brownlee, 31, charged with possession of marijuana
  • Terraze Lanier, 30, charged with possession of marijuana with intent to manufacture/deliver/sell