Atlanta man says bump in road made gun go off, killing wife

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ATLANTA — An Atlanta man was in a car with his wife when a gun in his lap accidentally went off and killed his wife as their car hit a bump in the road, a family spokesman told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

The wife, prominent Atlanta businesswoman Diane McIver, 63, died in the hospital, police said.

Bill Crane, the spokesman for the family, said several individuals approached Diane McIver and husband Claud “Tex” McIver, a lawyer, while they were in the car.

The couple and the person driving them were unharmed, but Crane said recent unrest and Black Lives Matter protests made the McIvers fear a carjacking, so they took their gun out from the car’s center console.

Crane said Tex McIver was nodding off as the car hit the bump, making the gun go off and sending a bullet through the front passenger seat, where Diane McIver was sitting.

Crane said the husband is “under extreme duress. Trauma.”

Her cause of death has been listed as homicide, Mark Guilbeau, an investigator with the Fulton County Medical Examiner’s Office, told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

No charges have been announced, and Atlanta police have released few other details.

Another Atlanta police spokesman, Sgt. Warren Pickard, told the Journal-Constitution that the shooting “is one of those situations we’re working through very slowly.”

Picard added, “We want to get it right.”