19-year-old arrested for gambling at park, ditching loaded gun at school

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- A 19-year-old is in custody after police say he gambled at a park and carried a loaded gun onto school grounds.

It happened at Howze Park in Binghamton Saturday evening.

"It's a cool park," said Tyrun Ross. "I bring my kids here to play and have fun but there are incidents here and stuff that happens.”

On Saturday, officers responded to a betting/wagering call and said two men were gambling with dice and money near the playground.

”They’re not harming anybody," said Kelsey Golden. "They’re not doing anything to harm themselves, so be it.”

But police say when they approached the two men, 19-year-old Juwon McKinnie fled.

They say they yelled at him to stop and that he was under arrest, but they say he kept running toward Lester Elementary School.

Police say when the suspect got onto school property, he dropped dice in one hand and then ditched a loaded gun with the other.

The gun was reported to have had 17 rounds in it.

”He probably shouldn't have had a gun, he shouldn't have ditched it over up there by the school," said Ross.

McKinnie was arrested and is now charged with carrying a weapon on school property and public parks, gambling, evading arrest and unlawful possession of a gun.

The person he was with stayed at the scene with police and was given a citation.

Parents say they’re happy no one ended up hurt but that it’s not a fair representation of the area.

”As far as Binghamton and the park, it's good over here," said Golden. "I wouldn't bring my kids over here if I felt like my kids were in danger.”

McKinnie is scheduled to be in court on Monday.