Trezevant students respond to allegations

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- The noon hour came, but a planned walk-out protesting the suspension of up to three staffers at Trezevant High School and the forfeiture of all games this season largely failed to materialize.

"Trezevant ain`t nothing without sports. That`s how we got our name on the map," said Keenan Travis a basketball player.

"They do us wrong," added student Alorea Hardwick.

An increased police presence all around the school on Friday, but only a handful of students left class.

Many were accompanied by parents who told us off-camera they checked their kids out to avoid the planned walk-out.

"A lot of us was trying to get to class, but they told us since we caught in the middle, they don`t care, they don`t even want to hear it," said Miracle Johnson.

These students said they were walking the halls between classes when police told them to leave school property.

"They put us all in one spot in the hallway and told us that everybody who was caught in the hallway was getting suspended," said Eric Word.

Shelby County Schools tweeted on Friday that students wouldn't be stopped from leaving school, but that those who did so without being checked out by an adult would be disciplined.

Several students told us some of their classmates did just that around 10 a.m.

A school board member would neither confirm nor deny this, but said classes went ahead as planned.

"Classes are still going on. Even if it`s only one or two students in there, the teachers are still gonna teach the students," said Stephanie Love.

Superintendent Dorsey Hopson even stopped by to speak to members of the football team.