Mother of South Memphis attempted abduction victim speaks out

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- A South Memphis family is rattled.

"She was basically attacked. She was on her way to school. Thank God she was screaming and hollering for me and her brother."

Too terrified to show face, this mother agreed to talk to us to warn other parents in the area of a possible predator.

"I actually heard her so we actually came out to the door."

To her disbelief it was her 15-year-old daughter screaming for help around 6:30 this morning.

The mother said she never saw the suspect try to grab her daughter but she immediately called police.

The news of the attempted kidnapping is not just affecting this family.

One woman we spoke to said she has felt uneasy since she found a notice from police in her mailbox earlier this week. It notified a convicted sex offender has moved close by.

"My face dropped. I couldn't believe it."

She said the neighborhood is already a haven for criminals.

"With three vacant houses, it's scary."

Since the attack, changes are in the works.

The victim will now be walking with her brother to the bus.