Officer involved in Lang case takes disability pension after being suspended with pay

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- A Memphis police officer who was suspended will now leave his job on a disability pension.

Timothy Goodwin was part of the team serving a warrant in December of 2012.

When they entered the house, Officer Martoiya Lang was shot and killed.

What happened at the time of the shooting has become hearsay to even the house's new tenants.

"He told me something, but I don't really know anything more than him," said Ramos who now lives in the house.

Nearly four years later, there has been no trial.

Treveno Campbell, the man arrested for shooting her, sits in jail awaiting his fate.

And the actions of two of the officers with Lang that day are in question.

One of them, Timothy Goodwin, is now no longer an officer after getting a disability pension.

He'll get nearly three grand a month.

The Commercial Appeal reports it was for claims of post-traumatic stress disorder -- citing nightmares, flashbacks, and outbursts.

He and the other officer, Darryl Dotson, went on paid leave when the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation looked into the case a year ago.

The TBI finished its report in March and Dotson's still on leave, making nearly $60,000.

No one would say why since the case is under a gag order.

WREG reached out to the city, the prosecutor overseeing this case, the Memphis Police Association, and the suspect's attorney, but no one could comment on the case.