Man steals thousands of dollars in games from employer

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- Video games could cost a Memphis man some serious jail time.

Police said a warehouse worker stole 600 video games before they were released making them worth a lot of money.

"Wooo. Woooo. I wouldn't know what to say about that, that's a lot," said Reginald Matthews.

That's how many people reacted to the fact that these two video games, NBA2K17 and Madden17, were worth $1000 a piece before being released to the public in the past month.

"A game? That's a thousand dollars, seriously?"

Police said warehouse employee Barry Hicks managed to steal 600 of them before they made their debut while on the clock at Technicolor.

According to authorities, video showed a different employee moving a box of the games from the receiving dock to an unknown spot in the warehouse.

That box was later found empty with Hicks' name written on the bottom.

Police said some games showed up for sale on Facebook, while others landed on the street.

Police told WREG they found some of the games with a man at this McDonald's on Poplar and found he had nearly 60 he intended to sell and split the profits with Hicks.

Court records said the recovered games had Hicks' fingerprints on them.

He was charged with theft of property and criminal conspiracy.

No word yet on whether anyone else will be charged in a case police aren't treating like a game.