Former Memphis police officer no stranger to domestic violence accusations

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- To Serve and Protect.

That was the promise a former Memphis police officer made, but as a WREG investigation uncovers, allegations against him involving multiple reports of domestic violence cost him his badge and the claims are still rolling in.

For nearly a decade, Jackson hit the streets of Memphis as an officer but eventually accusations of off-duty behavior cost him his job.

Just last week police said Markeseo Jackson was hiding under a blanket with a gun when they showed up to break up a fight between him and his girlfriend.

The girlfriend claimed he threatened her life.

According to the police report, Jackson put the gun down and fought officers before he was arrested.

WREG investigators took a closer at Jackson’s police record and found a murky past when it comes to domestic violence accusations. MPD required him to take anger management classes and, eventually, fired him.

"You don’t want individuals who are going to shine a negative light on all of the handiwork that you’re doing," said Memphis Police Association President Michael Williams.

According to his rather lengthy file, a very public October 2014 fight with his then wife is what cost him his job.

Jackson was accused of forcing his wife whom he was separated from at the time into a car and speeding away from TJ Mulligans.

The wife said he beat her while driving. Witnesses claimed his wife feared for her life and tried many times to get out of the car.

According to his file, she was able to escape, but Jackson admitted he threw her over his shoulder and forced her back into the car.

Jackson’s wife also said he threatened to kill her and told her she was going to cost him his job.

He was charged with simple kidnapping and domestic violence, but he claimed the allegations are false. Williams said guilty or not, when an officer takes an oath, he’s held to a certain standard.

"When you become a police officer you say you will abide by policies and procedures of MPD."

The charges stemming from the lover’s spat led to major punishment, but it wasn’t his first time being reprimanded.

In May of 2014, he was suspended for fighting in a club on Beale while off-duty. Williams said that type of behavior is frowned upon on the force.

"What you do off-duty is a reflection of Memphis police department and the police career field as a whole."

WREG found more claims that he fondled a citizen, and used excessive force during an arrest on Beale Street. Those claims were not proven.

Jackson is currently facing domestic assault charges following last week's argument with his girlfriend.