City’s monthly review of service released

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The City of Memphis released reports showing how they’re doing when it comes to delivering services to residents.

According to Mayor Jim Strickland, all of the city division directors met on Wednesday to look over the numbers to see where the city can improve, and where they are making improvements.

“There are numbers in this document that make us proud. And there are numbers that need more work. We’re presenting this data, warts and all, because you, the taxpayer, deserve the unvarnished truth of how we’re performing. That’s transparency,” wrote Stickland in his weekly email.

Some areas that have seen improvement: The EMS and Fire response times have decreased along with the city’s unemployment rate.

However, the euthanasia rate at Memphis Animal Services was classified as “needs attention” along with the 911 response time.

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