Volunteer firefighter jumped on school shooter to stop him

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Photo: Townville Fire Dept.

TOWNVILLE, S.C. — Authorities have credited volunteer firefighter Jamie Brock with bringing down the school shooting suspect in South Carolina.

Brock, a 30-year-veteran who responded to the school, tackled the gunman and stopped him, Anderson County Deputy Chief Keith Smith told CNN affiliate WYFF

“Mr. Brock is a big fellow,” Sheriff John Skipper said.

His quick, selfless action ended the gunfire, officials said.

The firefighter declined to talk to the media, only telling the affiliate that he did “what any other firefighter would do.”

A student and teacher who were shot on a playground have been released from the hospital.

Another student is in ICU.

The teen suspect, who used a handgun, also reportedly shot and killed his father before the school shooting.

The teachers

Skipper said the teen started firing after getting out of his vehicle in the parking lot near the playground.

Witnesses told police it appeared he was headed toward the school, and several teachers locked doors to prevent him from getting in.

Joanne Avery, the superintendent of Anderson County School District 4, said school personnel had participated in active-shooter training before, which helped save lives.