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Police: Hoarder lived with dead son’s remains for 2 decades

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NEW YORK — Police said a woman whom they described as a hoarder has been living with what seems like her dead son’s remains in her home for up to 20 years, the New York Post reported.

Police said the woman, Rita Wolfensohn, is legally blind and may not have known he was there.

Wolfensohn’s sister-in-law is the one who found him. She said the “completely intact” skeleton was dressed and lying on a mattress in a bedroom that was full of trash.

Police sources said the room smelled like rotting food but not rotting flesh.

Authorities are working to officially identify the body, but the said they do believe it is Wolfensohn’s son.

When police were talking to her, they said she talked about her son as if he had moved out.

Relatives said they haven’t seen the son, Louis, in 20 years. He would be 49 years old if he were still alive.

Authorities said they believe he died of natural causes.