Trains running again after derailment in Marion

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MARION, Ark. -- Word of train cars going off the track traveled fast in Marion.

"My daughter said something about a train derailment," said Danny Grice who lives in Marion. "I thought she was joking and then my wife came in and made a mention of it and I was curious. So on my way to work I had to look myself, so I'm just observing what I see over here."

Thirty cars derailed around 2:30 Sunday afternoon.

Investigators are still trying to figure out why.

"I've seen several derailments for different reasons, bad weather, faulty equipment, but overall it's just wear and tear," said Grice.

BNSF railway said the cars were headed to Memphis, from Phayer, Missouri.

They were carrying coal, which they said shouldn't damage the environment.

On Monday, workers still needed to finish cleaning away the coal.

Some cars may still be there even when both sides are back up and running, and then the ones that can be repaired will head to a mechanical shop.

One rail re-opened Monday morning with the other opening around 5p.m.

BNSF said it told the companies getting the shipments about possible delays and said they are glad the damage wasn't worse.

Something others agreed with.

"It was a blessing that nobody got hurt," said Goletha Summers, who lives in Marion.