Tennessee man says he’s a clown who wants to hurt children

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Photo: Coffee County Sheriff

COFFEE COUNTY, Tenn. — A Tennessee man claiming to be a clown who wants to hurt children has been taken into custody.

The man reportedly called the Coffee County Sheriff and said he was “the clown who has been threatening children,” according to WKRN-TV.

George Hoppe reportedly threatened the dispatcher and her children.

Hoppe, who lives in Manchester, reportedly called back and said he would cut her children’s ears off and commit ‘lewd’ acts.

Hoppe is charged with stalking.

Last week, a teen in the same county claimed he was attacked by a clown.

The teen told deputies someone wearing a clown mask and a red hoodie attacked him and when he swung at the clown, he was cut by a knife.

Deputies searched but did not find anyone fitting the description.

At the time, Coffee County Sheriff Steve Graves said in a Facebook post, “People in Tennessee carry guns and somebody jumping out scaring someone is subject to getting shot.”