Georgia mom found dead on side of road, family blames heroin lifestyle

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Morgan Oller during a happier time. Photo: Mitze Hester/Facebook

ATLANTA — A 26-year-old mother of four was killed and left wrapped in a rug on the side of a road in Atlanta.

“It was almost like somebody putting out the garbage,” Atlanta police Maj. Adam Lee told WSB about how Morgan Oller was left.

Her mother, Mitze Hester, told the station even though Oller died at the hands of a person, it was her lifestyle of using heroin that led her to that fate.

Hester said her daughter was “trying to fit in” when she tried marijuana in middle school and meth in high school. Using oxycodone then turned into using heroin, she said.

WSB showed how her appearance drastically changed as her drug use progressed:

Hester wants police to find Oller’s killer, but she also wants to spread a message about the dangers of heroin and how a once-good life can spiral out of control.

She said Oller stole “everything she could” from her and cost family hundreds of thousands of dollars to put her through rehab countless times.

“We take it upon ourselves to tell every parent we can, ‘It can happen to you,’” Oller’s stepfather, Jim Hester, said.

“I hope the pain in us losing Morgan will open somebody else’s eyes,” Hester said. “As hard as it is to lose my baby, I don’t want somebody else to lose theirs.”