Josh Hardy, St. Jude patient who made national headlines, passes away at age 10

MEMPHIS, Tenn. --A little boy being treated at St. Jude. and who made national headlines, has died.

Family members confirmed on Facebook that Josh Hardy died Thursday morning at St. Jude.

Hardy made headlines in 2014 when his family fought to get him access to an experimental drug to treat a virus destroying his heart and kidneys.

His mother waged a public battle with drug maker Chimerax and the FDA to allow the drug brincidofovir to be tested on him

He was first diagnosed with cancer when he was nine-months old.

Years of treatment for cancer took a toll on his body.

Josh spent the day before his death watching a movie with his parents and three brothers in his St. Jude room.

On Facebook, his mother wrote, "Dear Lord~ Thank you for today. Thank you for a beautiful day together as a family watching Movies and visiting with friends we have made here at St Jude's."

She also gave a hint that her time with her little boy was short, "Last night the doctors told us there is nothing else they can do to help Josh. We made the decision to just only do medical interventions that provide comfort. As I lay in bed holding him I still feel You Lord are keeping your promise to heal him even though the circumstances look so dire. I refuse to believe anything else."

Josh Hardy was ten years old.