Several women accused of swiping thousands of dollars worth of hair

MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- Police say a group of women stole thousands of dollars worth of weaves.

Police say they've caught the beauty bandits.

Alexzandria Nicks, Eugenia Thomas, Rochelle Turner, Kelvisha Threlkeld and Dayja Abernathy are facing a list of theft charges.

Police said they were caught on security cameras at Beauty Depot on Riverdale swiping $900 worth of hair weaves early September.

Police say at least two of the women, Thomas and Nicks, swiped hair before.

According to investigators, since August 19th, the women planned a crime spree and hit the Beauty Depot two times and also, twice at B&P Wigs and Beauty Supply on Winchester near Kirby Parkway.

They reportedly took around 55 packs of hair worth more than $2,3000.

Police didn't say what happened to the stolen weaves or whether any more arrests were expected.