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Parents upset over Bartlett High controversial “Villain” costumes

BARTLETT, Tenn  --  Some parents are outraged they say Bartlett High so-called villain day pushed the envelope too far.

Wednesday started as Villain day at Bartlett high, and for some things quickly turned as dark as the theme.

"The Hitler person was standing in the building of Bartlett high and saluting," said parent Sherita Miller.

The school says the theme was supposed to give students the chance to dress up as their favorite comic book bad guy but instead some parents say things were pushed a little too far.

"The kid dressed in Hitler to me that is just totally out of line for this day and age and everything that is happening," said Dan Talley.

"It offends a large group of people," he added.

WREG News Channel 3 began receiving calls about the controversial photos making their rounds on social media.

"I saw the slave master and we can see the school in the background, we see children with Bartlett High shirts on," said Miller.

School officials say one student who was wearing a police officer costume was in fact asked to change because that costume caused a disruption to the learning environment.

The school released this statement about the costume controversy.

Bartlett City schools say hallways and classrooms were heavily monitored throughout the day but they never saw or received complaints about the other controversial costumes in question.

"They say they didn’t see well we saw it and that's a problem, those pictures were taken at the school not off of school grounds," added Miller.

During homecoming week each day has a theme.

Those are picked by the student government and supervised by administration.

School officials encourage parents to reach out to them if they have any concerns about the costumes that were worn on Wednesday.