Tennessee teen reports being attacked by clown


COFFEE COUNTY, Tenn. — The Coffee County Sheriff’s Department is investigating a report of a teenager being attacked by a clown.

The attack reportedly happened in the Summitville area.

Monday night, a teen told deputies someone wearing a clown mask and a red hoodie attacked him and when he swung at the clown, he was cut by a knife.

Deputies searched but did not find anyone fitting the description.

Coffee County Sheriff Steve Graves said in a Facebook post, “People in Tennessee carry guns and somebody jumping out scaring someone is subject to getting shot.”

He also stressed anyone filing a false claim can be prosecuted and that people may want to avoid dressing as clowns this Halloween.

The National Crime Prevention Council offer the following tips for parents:

• Know where your children are at all times
• Point out safe places for children to play, safe roads & paths to take and safe places to go if there’s trouble.
• Encourage children to play with others. Remember there is safety in numbers.
• Don’t talk to, take anything, or go anywhere with strangers
• Always go to a trusted adult when needing help – i.e. teacher, police officer, SRO, school bus driver, parent, older siblings or neighbor.
• Report suspicious activity to school & police department