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Memphis principal gets kudos for helping a student with her car

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A Memphis principal is getting a lot of attention online for helping out one of his students.

Tiffany Perkins posted the video to her Facebook page.Commenters say that

Commenters say that is Central High School Principal Greg McCullough under the hood.

Many people have left positive responses about Mr. McCullough and said they’re glad to see him get some recognition.

“The district does not give him enough recognition. He does so much behind the scenes and things that are not in his job duties,” wrote one person.

“He loves his teachers too!! I’m proud to be one of them,” wrote another.

According to a spokesperson for Shelby County Schools, ”

Principal McCullough is a wonderful principal whose actions show how much he cares about his students. ¬†We are thankful for his dedication to our children and community. ¬†Because of him, Memphis is a better place.”