Firefighter’s truck stolen while he undergoes chemotherapy

Courtesy of KMOV

Courtesy of KMOV

ST. LOUIS, Mo. — Police are searching for a car thief who targeted a family dealing with a lot of stress.

Bob Abell went from fighting fires and saving lives for 25 years in St. Louis, to being in a hospital bed at Barnes-Jewish Hospital. He has terminal brain cancer.

“I am feeling kind of weak. It is starting to catch up with me chemo,” said Bob Abell.

Doctors say able has anywhere from a year to three years left to live. He says Bob Abell is undergoing chemotherapy to beat the odds. Doctors tell him with the chemotherapy, he has a 50/50 chance of beating cancer.

“It weighs on me that she (his wife) might have the bills, she will have to continue paying the bills after I am gone. That is a heavy weight,” said Bob Abell.

Tina, his wife of nine years, is by his side day in and day out.

“We are newlyweds. So we still like each other,” said Tina Abell.

Tina Abell had been using the family truck to see her husband who has until the end of September to finish treatment.

“It was a white 2000 Chevy Silverado, 16-years-old. I was coming up to visit Bob, he had just finished 96 hours of chemo and I was coming up to bring him a treat, and I look outside and the truck was gone,” said Tina Abell.

The couple’s truck was stolen from outside their home. Abell says neighbors and friends have been helping out, taking her to visit her husband. But with the truck stolen, it just adds to the amount of stress this couple is already under.

“I cried uncles last night. I told her it’s just too much, you know,” said Bob Abell.

“Everyone keeps saying how strong I am. I think because we are just madly in love, ever since he’s been diagnosed, I have to be here and I have to try to keep things running at home,” said Tina Abell.

A police report was filed on the stolen truck, but so far there have been no leads.