Church Pastor carjacked

MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- Morgan Lofton was getting air in his tire Tuesday night just hours after Pastor Ricky Floyd was carjacked at what must be one of the holiest air pumps in South Memphis.

Loften is a church deacon and hurt by what happened to another member of the cloth.

“He's well blessed, they didn't hurt him,” said Lofton.

Floyd leads Pursuit of God Church in Frayser.

He spoke to WREG two weeks ago talking about crime in his neighborhood.

“I came, and they had smashed one of our windows out, I guess it was a sign mind your own business old man,” he told us then.

He laughed it off then but this time was too knocked down to talk about what happened.  Police say the pastor had cuts and scrapes after he was dragged through the Exxon station on Crump and Third by the man determined to steal his Lexus.

People who live in the area just south of downtown say they don't believe anyone there could have done it.

“Those people came from West Memphis or Mississippi, said, one man.  “Ain't nobody from Memphis going to do this.”

Police are searching for the car, and many are praying for the health of the pastor devoted to ridding Frayser of abandoned property, improving quality of life and fighting crime