Child dies after imitating ‘hang myself’ prank video

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FULTON COUNTY, Ga. — A mother in Georgia is spreading awareness after her son was tragically killed imitating a “hang myself” prank video going around YouTube.

Cantenecia Stokes said she was downstairs cooking her children breakfast when three of them came downstairs and said their brother wasn’t breathing.

Stokes found her 11-year-old son hanging from a rope in his closet, WSB-TV reported.

She cut him down and called 911.

The child died four days later.

He had recently viewed a video online, the mother said.

That Saturday morning, he got up, and while his siblings watched, tried to do it himself.

“He panicked, and he was trying to take himself out, and he didn’t know if you pull you’re only worsening, it’s tightening,” Stokes told the news station.

Now Stokes wants other parents to take action and to know what their children on viewing on the internet.

“I just don’t want nobody else to have to suffer what I went through,” Stokes said.