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Group stabs man several times during fight with one of his girlfriends

MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- WREG shot exclusive video of a man, whom police originally called a victim, locked in the back of a squad car and dressed in a hospital gown.

Thomas Johnson Jr. is charged with domestic assault and bodily harm after police said he grabbed his girlfriend's neck, pushed her to the ground, and punched her in the face.

Police stayed tight-lipped on the latest developments in their investigation.

Here is what we know:

Johnson first told the Memphis Police Department he got into it with one of his girlfriends at a gas station on Poplar and Danny Thomas overnight when three men walked up and began stabbing him.

Instead of driving to a nearby hospital, police said the stabbing victim drove more than five miles away to his other girlfriend's house in Frayser.

"She just met this guy. She don't even know nothing about this man. She just met the man," Della Robinson said.

Those who live at the home on Dawn Drive said Johnson popped up on their doorstep.

"From his car to the doorway, from the porch to the hall -- the entrance of the living room. All of that was bloody," Robinson described.

Johnson allegedly told the family who lives at the home he'd been stabbed during a botched robbery before they called for help.

"The truth done came out now what went on," Robinson said.

Managers at the Exxon gas station said police grabbed their security footage and reviewed it before putting Johnson, who was also listed as a victim by police, into custody.

"Something about he was on camera assaulting some woman," Robinson told WREG. "It's a whole lot of unknown. We really don't know. We was just brought into this. He came to our residence then was laid on our porch bleeding like that."

It was a violent night the cops are still working to get to the bottom of.

A MPD spokesperson refused to confirm any other details or comment further on the investigation.