Vermont 10-year-old saves friend from choking

MILTON, Vt. — At 10 years old, the things most kids might worry about are relatively light in nature: Will they win the football game at recess, or will Batman beat Superman?

Mi’Sean Graham and Liam Ryan are no different — except for one thing, and it’s the reason their two families linger when they get together, and their bond is deeper because of it.

Earlier this month, the two fifth-graders walked into Milton Elementary School and sat together at lunch.

Liam started choking on a grape.

“I put it in the side of my cheek,” Liam said. “Took a sip of milk, and the milk carried it down. I didn’t know what he knew…I didn’t…I was just really scared.”

“I was tingly, and I jumped over about two people and I did the Heimlich,” Mi’Sean said.

Liam was OK; Mi’Sean had dislodged the grape.

No training. No practice. Just instincts that saved his friend’s life.

“I feel grateful that my friend was still alive,” Mi’Sean said.

When the phone call came, Liam’s dad was overcome with emotion.

“I think I burst out into tears,” Chris Ryan said.

Milton Rescue presented Mi’Sean with a lifesaving award, surely enough to make any mom proud.

“The love that I give him, he’s sharing,” Mi’Sean’s mom, Jessica Brown, said.

The humble fifth-grader is now heaped in praise, from a family left trying to figure out how you can possibly thank someone enough for saving your son’s life.

“Thank you. Thank you so much. He has my eternal respect and gratitude for what he did,” Chris Ryan said.

They’re powerful words of thanks for a young boy, a hero in their eyes.