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No-kill animal shelter scheduled to close its doors

MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- Some days Colby Stephens said it feels like they take in more animals than they are adopting out.

"We`re just able to have more animals here."

They have had over 140 dogs and close to 40 cats.

In 15 years, they haven't euthanized any of them.

"We give every kind of vet cost we can to these animals to help them."

But those bills add up and no the Sunny Meadows Animal Shelter said it's planning to close.

"It just kind of came to the point to where we had to make a call what was best for the animals, and if we waited too long, we felt like they could be kind of stranded with nowhere to go."

There are countless no-kill rescue groups in the Memphis area, but this one is one of the few with its own facility.

Asked if more donations might keep the shelter open, they said "We think it`s kind of too far gone at this point to be honest, but we would definitely, definitely consider it."

Stephan said they're prepared to keep going for up to a year or until all of its animals are adopted.

"We`re working diligently to try to place as many of these animals as possible, and we`re not gonna stop until that`s done."