FedEx truck and school bus involved in road rage incident in New Jersey


LAKEWOOD, N.J. — A driver recorded a road rage incident between a school bus and a FedEx semi-truck.

It happened on a highway in Lakewood, New Jersey.

Driver Stephen O’Connor told WCBS-TV, “They were both completely on the other side of the two yellow lines, and I couldn’t believe what I saw.”

O’Connor said the FedEx truck was intentionally driving about 18 miles per hour and the bus, which had no students onboard, was tailgating and trying to pass.

“They were not only completely on the other side of the road, but when they came back over about a second and a half later a car was coming the other way. It could have been a pretty different situation had it happened like a second and a half later,” O’Connor said.

A FedEx spokesperson said the company is looking into the matter.

The driver of the school bus has been fired.