Car slams into home barely missing 8th grader waiting on the bus

MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- The hood of the car was left crumpled like a wad of paper after it slammed into this home at the corner of 7th and Cedar.

"I woke up out my sleep."

When Demetrius James rushed outside to see what was going on, he discovered his 14-year-old little sister had just been pushed out the way of the car to safety.

She had just been standing where the car hit the home.

"That`s a blessing, that`s all it is. A blessing, that`s the first thing I said."

James said the eighth grader was waiting for her school bus when the driver of the car flew down the street, skipped the curb and barrelled into the house.

Neighbors heard the clatter a few blocks away.

It was a boom so powerful, James said it confused the driver for minutes.

"They were asking him questions and he was like, 'I don`t know.' He was throwed off."

Paramedics rushed that driver to the hospital.

He`s expected to be okay.

The family said they are not sure exactly how this crash happened, but they were thankful they are all safe and their home is still standing.