Memphis police look for suspect who dragged victim, ran her over with truck

MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- Memphis police are looking for a suspect who caused a gruesome scene in front of an East Memphis motel.

They said a man dragged and ran over a woman with his truck.

"That's crazy," said Darius Jackson, who was staying at the motel. "I'm shocked, very shocked."

It happened at the Crossland Economy Studios on Shelby Oaks Drive.

Police said a 29-year-old woman was dragged and ran over by a man in the northeast parking lot.

They told WREG's Bridget Chapman he was in a red Dodge truck and stole the victim's purse before taking off.

"He's still on the run? They need to be looking for him then, and he did it right here in the area where the police are at. That's crazy, so you know it's getting bad out," said Jackson.

The incident happened just before three this morning, so many people we spoke to stated that they didn't hear any cries for help.

"That's very sad, and I didn't hear about it; that's crazy," said Jackson.

When authorities responded, the victim was lying on the ground.

They said she briefly told them what happened but said she couldn't speak anymore because it hurt to breathe.

Police tried to calm the victim down and rushed her to the hospital.

Officers noted she had visible signs of injury and was first listed in critical condition.

"It's bad out here," said Jackson. "It's really bad."