Disciplinary hearing for prosecutor in Noura Jackson case

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A disciplinary hearing for the attorney who allegedly failed to turn over evidence during the Noura Jackson cased was held on Thursday.

Jackson was present at the professional responsibility hearing for Attorney Stephen Jones.

“My lawyers argued repeatedly for this statement but the prosecution denied it existed. The prosecutors in this case decieved the judge, my lawyers and the jury by hiding very important evidence,” she told reporters outside the courtroom.

She went on to say that they prosecution knowingly also allowed a witness to perjure himself on the stand.

“Mr. Jones is not perfect. He made a mistake he acknowledges that mistake,” said his attorney Brian Faughnan.

Faughnan argued in a professional responsibility hearing Jones should not be punished.

“His mistake was inadvertent. It was unfortunate given the stakes but that’s life of a prosecutor.”

Faughnan said the Supreme Court already handled this issue by overturning the ruling.

However the Deputy Chief Disciplinary counsel disagreed and argued Jones was negligent and made much more than a mistake.

The board said they could have a decision by next week. It’s unclear what, if any punishment Jones could face.

District Attorney Amy Weirich will also have a hearing before the board of professional responsibility, after it was charged she improperly commented on Jackson’s right to remain silent. Her case is pending.