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Desoto Couny budget approved without tax increase

DESOTO COUNTY Miss. -- Tense moments as tax payers waited on pins and needles for word on whether DeSoto County would raise taxes to help pay for schools.

Originally, the district wanted more money but at the last minute on Thursday,the district chose to cut more than $2 million in maintenance services.

"When we adopt our budget, we are actually adopting the school’s budget too. State law says the school board gives us a dollar figure and we put the millage to match up with that amount of money," said DeSoto County Supervisor President Jessie Medlin.

School board members met earlier in the day and looked at an efficiency study that showed where it could make cuts citizens wouldn't pay more in taxes.

Superintendent Cory Uselton said while it will keep cuts out of the classroom it will slash some salaries.

"The last cuts need to come from the classroom. We never want our student or teachers to feel any type of cut," said Uselton.

For now, the district's reach towards optimum efficiency means tax payers won’t be shelling out any extra bucks in the upcoming year.