Cameron Jett’s legacy set to live on through donor recipient

MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- In the face of devastation, an emotional father found strength to give the gift of life despite losing seven children in a deadly fire.

"I saw the interview of the father and I applaud him it’s just amazing," said organ recipient Gaelin Neely.

On Monday, Earnest Jett Jr. lost 6 children.

Three days later, he took his 8-year-old son Cameron off life support.

Gaelin Neely remembers a time his life depended on the generosity of someone like Jett Jr.

"They put me in ICU Friday morning at 10 a.m. I was on life support- it shot me to the top of the donor list," added Neely.

Four years ago this month Neely waited with a failing heart hoping for a miracle.

He said 8-year-old Cameron will become that second shot at life for someone in need.

"To be able to when you leave this world and this life to be able to save someone else or other people’s life," said Neely.

While the grieving process is only beginning to set in for the Jett family, Neely said the courage to save a life helps heal a fresh wound.

"There are times when things happen that can be devastating and you have to find a way to get something positive out of that," added Neely.

The Jett family said Cameron had a lot of heart.

While he lost his battle, the pounding heart of a fighter will beat on.