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ITT Tech closure presents another battle for veterans

MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- Charles Brown joined the Marines after graduating from Ridgeway High School.

He served 13 years, and was deployed six times.

Now a husband and father, Brown is pursuing an IT career, plus serving in the Army National Guard.

"He's very honorable and courageous."

At her Memphis home, Leigh Brown brags like any proud mom.

"He never backs down from a challenge."

Brown is facing one now.

He's one of 35,000 students ITT Tech shut its doors on last week.

One out of five are like Brown, using GI Bill benefits to get a degree.

"I was actually supposed to start class tonight."

Brown was just shy of finishing his Cyber Security degree at an ITT Tech in California.

"I had eleven weeks left, for two classes."

Besides searching for another school, Brown has learned he might have to foot the bill.

Unlike students who can have federal loans wiped clean in these situations, the VA can't legally restore benefits already used.

Brown looked at several schools and dozens of his credits won't transfer.

"I still have four and a half months of tuition benefits through the VA, but four and half months is not going to get me my bachelor's degree."

Brown said he and fellow veterans are soldiering on.

"We're diving in deep trying to find the best fit for us."

Meanwhile, military moms like Leigh said the VA and lawmakers should do a better job of protecting students especially those who've already protected us.

"Those benefits that they receive, they've paid for them in service to our country."

Three bills were introduced in Congress last year to address this very issue, but they all stalled in committee.

WREG called lawmakers from California to Washington, DC, and they said the VA is looking for a solution.

They told  us they're working on it, but it will take longer than these veterans can wait.

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