Car insurance rates are high in some parts of Memphis

MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- Jimmy Hooker says he sees them everyday.

"You pass five cars. I bet they won`t have insurance."

Even if you are insured, you're likely paying higher insurance rates because of them.

"It definitely increase everybody`s uninsured motorist rates, on average, probably $10 to $15 a month," said Rich Keltner with Keltner Insurance.

"In Memphis in general, 40 percent uninsured motorist drivers," Chuck Everhart with CR Everhart Insurance told WREG.

To Hooker that's just unacceptable.

"It`s making it harder on all of us working people."

A new analysis showed the average Memphian pays around $1,300 a year for car insurance.

In one zip code in North Memphis, it's even higher at $1,448.

We found similar rates in nine other zip codes.

In Collierville and Germantown, they're only paying around $1,200.

"If the loss ratios in a particular zip code are high, they`re gonna charge a little bit higher rate," said Everhart.

Starting in the new year, Tennessee will see a new measure aimed at cracking down on the uninsured.

A statewide verification system will track drivers through their vehicle registration.

Depending on the results, the rest of us could see our rates drop when we renew our policies.

"The more uninsured motorist claims that an insurance company pays out on, then the higher the rate. It`s gonna drive the rates up," said Tracy Smith with Autosave Insurance.