A look at funeral costs as funeral plans are underway for fire victims

MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- Funeral Homes have stepped up to help in light of the devastating house fire that killed 6 children and 3 adults Monday on Severson Avenue.

Serenity Funeral Home told us they have offered to cover funeral costs for the 6 children killed.

Family members said they want all the victims to have a funeral together, and they are working with R.S. Lewis Funeral Home, which has offered to cover the cost for the children and adults.

The funeral home confirmed they are working with the families on arrangements.

Eddie Mae Collier's adult daughter Carol was one of those who died.

"They told us they are gonna handle all the funeral, and they was gonna pay for them. They told us that much," said Collier.

Funeral and burial costs differ for children and adults.

Funeral homes said caskets for children are more expensive than caskets for adults because children's caskets are rare. Adult caskets are more common and have a set design mold. So discounts are usually given for children.

Funeral expenses include a limo, flowers, and a burial container.

An average cost for a child's tradition funeral is $3,600, depending on the size of the casket and type of service.

For an adult, it averages around $5,800.

That doesn't include cemetery cost.

Family members said so far no cemetery has offered to bury the fire victims for free.

Cemetery plots, outer burial containers and tombstones can range from $350 to $1,000 for a child and $1,600 to $2,600 for an adult.

All of that is per person. Now multiply that by 9.

"It's ok with me. They say they are gonna have their own graves, their own box, everything gonna be their own everything. But they will be side by side," said Collier.

The families said they want one funeral and are looking for a space big enough.

They said Lemoyne Owen College and Bountiful Blessings Church have both offered to hold the funeral.

We'll let you know when things are final.