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South Memphis fire survivor Cameron Jett still fighting

MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- Zipporah Bunting broke down talking about Cameron Jett.

He’s the sole survivor of the deadly house fire that killed 9 people early Monday morning.

"Sweetest. Football all of them everyday, all of you saw was my babies out here," said Bunting.

"Cam was the ring leader just a little soldier," added Bunting.

She said Cameron is a team player known for bringing his siblings together. He's a true lover of sports and everything outdoors.

"If he didn’t have a football he had some type of basketball, he had something to keep him occupied," said Bunting.

Tuesday, silence replaced bouncing balls, and the games of catch are gone, but that isn’t stopping the family from rooting for Cameron and his fight to live.

"I’m pushing hard for him. I know he’s going to pull through," added Bunting.