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Portable bunk beds are a thing that exists, and they’re a game changer

Photo: Disc-O-Bed/Facebook

Photo: Disc-O-Bed/Facebook

Want to go camping but have too many kids to fit in the tent?

Parents and kids alike may be excited to learn about portable bunk beds.

Now you can bunk wherever you go.

Amazon has several options, which can be used when camping, traveling, having a slumber party or just lounging around. You can also find them at stores like Bed Bath & Beyond.

And don’t worry about getting too big for bunk beds — there are options for adults, too.

There’s even a camouflage option so you and a friend can sleep compactly and blend in to your surroundings on your next trip into the woods.

In case you do get tired of the bunk-bed setup, you can detach the cots and spread out.