Neighbors have their eyes peeled for car burglar

HERNANDO, Miss. -- Surveillance video caught him in the act.

A man in a light-colored hoodie approached a parked vehicle at a home on East Oak Grove in Hernando.

When he realized he was on camera, he took off.

"It makes me real angry cause  I work hard for what I have."

Nothing was taken this time, but Labor Day weekend, Brandon Brown said the same man took $300 from his car.

That's why he installed the camera.

"It`s not right that someone thinks that they can come and take from you."

Karen Long said the crook also stole from her husband.

"We started looking around in my husband`s work truck. They stole the GPS out of that."

She admitted his truck was unlocked but said her husband won't take that risk again.

"Everything`s locked up. Got locks on everything now."

If you can identify the man, call Hernando Police.