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South Memphis school mourning after losing students in house fire

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Cummings Elementary school in South Memphis is mourning the lost of several students.

The children were killed Monday in an early morning fire.

Counselors were at the school Monday to comfort students, and school officials sent out this memo making parents aware of the tragic loss. Counselors will be on campus for the rest of the week to help children cope.

“They’re calling me from the hospital, man, that is my last son,” said Earnest Jett Jr., who in one day lost six of his children in a fatal fire. Another son is at the hospital in critical condition.

Jett Jr. mustered up a few short words about his children before rushing back to the hospital to hold the only survivor's hand.

“They were beautiful, man, drop-dead gorgeous, the most loving kids.”

Jett Jr. lost 3-year-old Precious Jett, 5-year-old Kierra Jett and 16-year-old Angel Mitchell. He also lost 6-year-old Alonzo Jett, 7-year-old Diamond Jett and 9-year-old Earnest V in the fatal fire.

Eight-year-old Cameron Jett remains in critical condition, but the family’s faith isn’t wavering.

"Cameron is a fighter, whatever he does he always finishes. He has that will," Veronica Fayer, the victim's grandmother said.

A tight knit bunch, the Cummings Elementary School-age children learned a lot from each other, Fayer said.

"Earnest loved to play football, Cam played basketball and they taught my grandson how to play. Diamond was their baby sister, they taught her how to ride the car."

They say the youngest victim, “Mahmah,” was never caught without a smile.

"Mahmah was just learning how to walk and how to use the potty," Fayer said. "They were really small and they haven’t even experienced life yet."

The school is asking for parents to alert them if their child needs support this week and beyond.