Shots fired during Facebook Live video illustrates need for Shotspotter technology

MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- Dramatic video caught live on Facebook showed the moments a group of men said they heard gunshots on Saturday night.

"Aye cuz. Get down."

The video shows people smoking, toting guns, and shouting profanity.

"Love my city. *bleep* you talking about bro?"

"Get Stoney down. Get him down," Ricky Franklin, Jr. described what was said moments before the shooting.

Franklin, also known as Stoney Banks, deleted the video from his Facebook page after the shooting.

He claimed someone drove up on his crew near Westwood Park, rolled down the window, and fired two shots.

"The rest of the shots-- everything else was some retaliation type *bleep*," Franklin told WREG.

"I hear shots all of the time so nothing really. I just try to stay out the way," Darlether Porter said.

Neighbors said they heard gunshots but never called 911 because they hear guns going off all of the time.

"We hear it all the time. Sometimes I guess people shoot for no reason," Porter said.

That was one of the reasons the city is looking to implement Shotspotter technology.

It is an acoustic system that spots the sound of gun shots and gives police a near-exact location.

The city of Memphis set aside $675,000 for the program, and MPD is in the process of setting parameters for the request for proposals.

The crime fighting tool can't come soon enough for some people in a culture where people do not always call police when something happens.

Reporter: If somebody that you don't know came up and started shooting at you, why would you not talk to police?
Franklin: I ain't trying to talk to police. What I got to talk to them for?

Despite the fact that neighbors and those involved said they saw police cars respond to the scene of the shots fired on Saturday, MPD has not been able to locate a report on file.

There were no injuries reported.