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Proposed site for new Germantown school has parents concerned

MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- The proposal site for Germantown's new elementary school has a lot of parents scratching their heads.

WREG's Wayne Carter learned the site sits right on the city line with Germantown and Collierville on one of the busiest roads in the area- Winchester.

It's also right near power lines and an MLGW substation.

"I’m disturbed by its distance from a walking neighborhood which is desirable for any elementary school," said homeowner Sheila Hahn.

Germantown's mayor showed several plots of land they considered, but either the owners were not willing to sell or the land just wasn't right.

Many wanted the new school built on free city owned land next to Germantown Elementary but city leaders didn't want their school next to an Shelby County run school.

With all that in mind, leaders said the land on Winchester is the city's top choice, but what about others?

"It's going to take a lot of explaining to the community that this is going to be the best location for a school," said Germantown School Board member Ken Hoover.

"Does it seem like a good idea?" Carter asked.

"I really haven't seen the property," said Board member Lisa Parker.

Parker said she supports the plan, but like many others was hesitant on the location.

School leaders showed how the east side of the city is overcrowded and they need something there.

Alderman Rocky Janda said if parents and the School Board don't like it they have the power to stop it.

"They're the ones making the decision."